New shelf for “Hardtop”

We designed our new product and accessory to the “hardtop” – storage shelf.

This shelf is designed to simplify the storage, retrieval and transportation of items. Allows efficient use of space, providing more space and less clutter in the car’s interior.

The main features of the shelf:

  • Convenience: Easy to install and remove, the shelf allows you to organize things quickly and easily.
  • Functionality: Many places for hooking (belts), provide an opportunity to safely store various items, ensuring their stability and protection during transportation.
  • Durability: The structure is made of strong and light materials that can withstand heavy loads and long-term use.
  • Specialized application: The shelf is designed specifically for our hardtop models, ensuring quick and easy installation.

This new product will make it easier and more convenient for you to organize your belongings when traveling or at work, ensuring that all the necessary items are easily accessible and safely stored. Convenient for both daily use and long trips.


Interested in upgrading Your hardtop?


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