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Creating a sketch
Model preparation
Prototype milling
Trial production
Serial production

3d scanning and reverse engineering

Our state-of-the-art 3d scanning technology allows maximizing the productivity in the areas of engineering and design for turning your vision into reality. We offer a quick, reliable and accurate method for capturing the data of physical objects and parts. Creation of 3D models for production that are based on hand measurements or 2D drawings is a complete waste of time and financial resources that no present-day company can afford. In case of 3D scanning for reverse engineering, it takes just…


3D milling

We are versatile in model, mold and prototype milling for composite manufacturing industry. If you are looking for accuracy and quality – Ronika is the right place, our experts and our equipment can be trusted with confidence. Range of materials:  PU foam Epoxy paste Plastic Aluminum MDF board


Moulds for composites industry

From a recievd data or request we are able develop and manufacture molds, master models and mould tools involving composite materials: PU blocks Aluminum  Epoxy seamless paste We are able to develop and produce molds for various production process: RTM (resin transfer molding) VRTM (RTM Light) Press molding Hand lay-up


Production of composite parts

Ronika has over 25 years of experience in parts manufacturing using composite materials. We can organize single article or mass production solutions for a wide range of industries, select composite materials and engineering processes for your product manufacturing based on the specific needs. We believe we can provide a high quality services for our customers in all the development phases of the product.


Casting products using polyurethane resin TARTELER

Casting parts from polyurethane is efficient and fast. Products made of polyurethane harden quickly, production is faster and more efficient than using conventional glass-plastic technology. Used device – TARTLER PU MDM6 Volume of manufactured parts – 0.05 – 3.5 l


Completed projects

Circle Of Light Lamp by Jot.Jot

We are manufacturing a new lamp “Circle of Light” designed by Jot.Jot designers team. Constructed…

Nissan Navara Ambulance body parts

Nissan Navara Ambulance

We are proud to announce that we have successfully designed and completed the production of…

Auga M1 Hibridinis traktorius 3

Auga M1 Hybrid tractor

We are pleased to announce that UAB Ronika has participated in the development of the…

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