About us

To produce only high-quality products that meet the customer's requirements.

UAB Ronika was established in 1991. Our company has over 30 years of experience in the production of composites. Today, we are one of most accredited and trusted composite manufacturers in Baltic region.
The main goal and mission of the company from the very first day of its incorporation has been constant improvement of the production and service quality. In pursue of our goal, we have been constantly upgrading our manufacturing technology and introducing the latest machinery and equipment in the field.

Our vision:
To be a reliable partner and help our customers achieve and maintain attractive and cost-effective solutions.

Our goals and mission:
To help people and businesses to implement their ideas by developing new products, or by improving and restoring the existing ones.
To fulfill every customer’s expectations and produce only top quality products.
To create conditions for our customers to work efficiently, develop their professional skills and attain personal goals.

We strive to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. This attitude helps the company to keep improving, expanding and going hand in hand with the ever-growing requirements of our customers.