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“FAKUMA” Exhibition

Ronika participates in the “Fakuma” exhibition in Frickenhausen, Germany. The company’s CEO is attending this exhibition to search for and find 3D printers that would be useful for the production of small and multi-part parts.

This exhibition is looking at 3D printing technologies in order to find solutions that can benefit our company and our customers. Our aim is to use these technologies to efficiently produce small but complex parts, contributing to the quality and innovation of our products.

Further news and photos will be uploaded to our Facebook account, which can be found here – Ronika Facebook

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Ari 345 Cargo box

Ari 345 Cargo fiberglass body parts

Ronika UAB received proposals and met with “Ari Motors” after NUFAM 2023. An electric car manufacturer…

Auga M1 Hibridinis traktorius 4

The M1 Hybrid Tractor “AUGA”

We are pleased to announce that Ronika UAB has contributed to the production and launch…

Ari 458 Box 3

Ari 458 Box

Ronika UAB received proposals and met with “Ari Motors” after NUFAM 2023. An electric car…

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