Parts made of glass and carbon fibers are sustainable, light and more resistant to more natural and physical wear.

Fiberglass and carbon fiber are used in a variety of products such as automotive parts, ship structures, aircraft parts, sports equipment, kayaks, wind turbines and many other industries.

Fiberglass and carbon fiber are stronger than traditional materials such as metals or plastics. These materials also have good tensile, bending and impact resistance.

The production process of fiberglass and carbon fiber parts includes many steps, starting with fiber material preparation and processing, fabric forming, gluing or impregnation, tiling, bonding process and final forming, depending on the specific production technology and mold requirements.

Yes, we can produce fiberglass and carbon fiber parts according to customers' individual requirements. We work with customers to understand their unique needs and create custom pieces that meet their specific design or functionality requirements.

Yes, fiberglass and carbon fiber parts are resistant to corrosion and many chemicals, including acids and bases. This gives them an advantage over metal or other materials that can be damaged by various chemicals.

To order fiberglass and carbon fiber parts or to place a custom order, you can contact us through our website, email (arturas@ronika.lt) or by phone (+37037441084). We will work with you to understand your needs and create the right order based on your preferences.